Japanese Tattoo - Victoria, BC (Vancouver Island)

With my recent move to Victoria, BC I hope to continue to have the privilege of creating large scale Japanese tattoo work.  During my decade in Vancouver I was able to carve out a niche in which the predominant style (and scale) of the work I produced was in the Japanese realm.

My imagery is not always strict and traditional, I hope there's a bit of me in each piece ... finding that balance between the past and the present, between the rules and the freedom of creation. I look forward to seeing the new projects which Vancouver Island will bring into my path.

There are a few styles which I love to tattoo.  My first love of tattooing is (and always has been) the Japanese style.  Even when I was in art school studying printmaking I was enthralled by the Japanese tattoo.  This is perhaps where I began to see the crossover in artistic styles, from printmaking to tattooing ... there is a long history which these two forms share.

While living in Taiwan I was honored to have large parts of my body covered by master Diau-An.  This was a few years prior to my getting into tattooing but those long hours spent in his studio still hold sway more than a decade later.  Watching how the pieces were formulated, how they grew and were finessed with each session ... I had no idea how much knowledge I was being exposed to at that point.  I don't profess to be a master as I was not classically trained by a Japanese master.  There are some rules which I may bend and others which I'm likely completely unaware of.  At best I try to bring my own Western aesthetic to a tradition and set of imagery which I consistently try to learn more about.

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Always willing to learn, each project is an opportunity to improve.  I aim much gratitude towards all of my clients, past, present, and future.  Thank you all for being a part of this journey.