Another new beginning for 2014 … this time it comes in the form of a website.

After almost a year without an image update on my old site and close to six years with said old site it's time to change things up just a bit.  I ended up doing the site myself using squarespace (yes, I may be a member of the Joe Rogan army if that means anything to any of you out there).  It's been a relatively easy process even for someone who doesn't profess to be all that savvy with the ol' internet.  In the end I went for ease of use and a format in which I can have a venue to consistently update work and keep things current from here on in.  That's the plan and I'm sure it'll never be another full year until I get new work floating around out there in cyberspace.  Hopefully it all works out and I didn't forget to cross any t's or dot any i's.

A new shop in 2013 and a new website in 2014.  There have been a lot of changes in the past year and it has all gone as smoothly as one could hope for.  Taking a risk, putting oneself into positions that might be a bit nerve racking … this seems to be a theme running through my mind these days.  Not that a new website is a risk, it's just a change and change is always an opportunity for growth.  A few weeks into the year and already I've begun some great new projects with far more on the horizon.  With so much growth in 2013 I'll be pressing myself to do the same over the next arbitrary number of rotations of the planet.

Much gratitude to all of those who have been tattooed by me in the past and those of you who will be tattooed by me in the future.  It's been quite the ride and it continues to get better.  

Hannya Chrysanthemum Cohen Floch Tattoo Artist Vancouver

Here's one that I completed the other day … I do have better images from my actual camera but for now the iPhone photo will suffice.