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Born into a back-to-the-land artistic family, I grew up in rural Saskatchewan.  I spent my childhood drawing and creating, fostering an imagination and artistic ability to fill the time and space in a somewhat isolated community.  This grew into an education in the arts as I eventually earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Saskatoon. Soon after that, massive student loan debt and a willingness for adventure aimed me towards Taiwan.  While there, I began getting tattooed by Taiwanese master Diau-An.  He embodies all that I love about the tattoo world, a man who carries himself with dignity and pride; an astounding artist to say the least.  This relationship acted as the catalyst and inspiration for me to pursue tattooing as a career.

Upon returning to Canada I began my attempt to find an apprenticeship.  In a short time I was taken in by Art at Funhouse as shop-help; the position which is proving ground to edit out those not dedicated to what is soon to come.  While there I met Jeremy and soon after he created Tattoo Union in 2008.  It was here that I learned to tattoo.  In 2013 I opened Paradigm Tattoo Company and had the privilege of working alongside Mikel (an inspirational tattooer in both his work and life) for approximately a year.  Since then it's been me, a solo artist in a semi-private appointment based studio.  

As of December 2016 Paradigm Tattoo has shifted to a new location, from Vancouver to Victoria. 

Now, numerous years later, what seemed like a long and convoluted path feels like a direct line from past to present.  Each day I strive to get better, this is something Diau-An instilled in me.  He was thirty years into his career and still spoke about learning each day.  I take this job seriously, it envelops most aspects of my life and I constantly attempt to give my clients the energy which they deserve. I pride myself on being prepared and professional.  Each tattoo that I produce is a representation of me and my capabilities.  My concern is in producing quality artwork rather than a quantity of generic tattoos.   I want to be proud of the work I create and I want my clients to be equally proud to wear it.  I look forward to the coming years, the individuals I will meet and the artwork I will produce ... these are just two of the amazing benefits of this career as a tattoo artist.

    Booking Appointments:

    I am an appointment based custom tattoo artist.  I'm sorry, I do not accept walk-ins.

    Please submit an email to to set up a consultation.  The email should contain a brief description of the tattoo you're looking to receive.  An idea of the general imagery, style, placement, and size are all very helpful in the preliminary stages.  Once I have this information I will respond with options for dates and times to set up an in-person consultation.

    I charge $180 per hour of tattooing.  Consultations and drawing time are free.

    Thank you for your interest in my work.